We are a 501 (c) 3  non profit charity. All donations are tax deductible. 

Welcome to Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society

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Have a HeartWays You Can Help!

We are always in need of more animal lovers who want to step up and help homeless animals!

Transport; Our furry friends need rides to the vet’s office, meetings with adopters, transfers to other rescues, and picked up from shelters.

Home Visits; We will teach you how to conduct a home visit to meet potential adopters and verify the home is perfect for a new family member.

Fundraisers; Our rescue is always in need of donations of money to pay for vetting and supplies to keep our friends comfortable. We need help tabling at events, or you could hold your own supply/donation drive for us. We will provide our banner, flyers, and donation jar to make the event a huge success.

Or, you may have some of your own ideas to help homeless animals.

Fosters; We are always in need of more foster homes so we can save even more homeless canines. We pay for all medical care. You supply the love!

Donation Pickup; We receive calls from people wanting to donate much needed food and supplies for our programs. We can always use help in this area.

Drop Off Locations; We have several locations where people wishing to donate can drop off food and supplies. We can always use more addresses for drop offs.

Counseling; We receive many calls from people wanting to surrender their pets or are in need of temporary help with food or medical care for their pet.
We provide counseling/options to help keep the pet in the home. This is a very rewarding volunteer task!

Events; To let everyone know who we are and what our group does in the animal field, we attend events, where we provide educational materials, and showcase our adoptable canines.

Donation Solicitors; Contact companies, stores, outlets, the public, etc., to solicit much needed donations and sponsorships.

Grant Writer; Search out and apply for grants that will further our causes.

Sponsors; Sponsor a canine’s medical needs, a family receiving food and supplies, one of our programs, or a fundraising event.

Please contact us so you can feel the magic of saving a homeless canine!

Beautiful Child and Dog