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Surrender Policies

Often times, a pet guardian feels their only option is to give up their pet when they can no longer care for it the way they used to. Whether it be a lack of financial resources, or transportation for something like a vet visit.

We believe it is always in the best interest of the pet, not
to surrender them to a shelter. Especially, when there are many local rescues that may be willing to help your pet’s transition into a new home.
A shelter environment is very stressful to any animal that has known the comfort and love of living in a home.
This stress will often cause the animal to not “show well”, being too timid or afraid to interact with anyone and become marked as “un-adoptable.”
Shelters are under funded, under staffed, and often have no other choice but to euthanize animals for cage space.

Please contact us or another rescue group that can help you keep your pet out of a shelter and facilitate a smooth transition into a loving home without fear or stress.
Not surrendering your pet to a shelter is a “win” situation for all involved.
Your pet never sees the inside of a shelter, you feel confident in your decision, and the shelter has one more free cage for another canine.

Please fill out our form and we will contact you to discuss your situation. We may be able to provide you with other options that can help keep your pet in your home.
If you still feel surrender is your only option after our discussion, we will meet with you and your canine, and explain the surrender process.
You can then surrender your pet at that time

We do not charge a surrender fee, but do accept donations which help with medical bills for your pet or another.