We are a 501 (c) 3  non profit charity. All donations are tax deductible. 

Welcome to Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society

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We are very careful of who we will transfer any pet in our care to; Animals have no say in any matter pertaining to how they will live their lives.
Who they will live with, how they are treated, or if they will be shown kindness.
Animal lovers and advocates have to be their voices and stand up for their rights.

We have a great network of loving and qualified rescues we now work with, but are always searching for new groups to join us in our efforts to save even more animals from homelessness, hunger, and neglect.

To be considered to be placed on our approved rescue list, we ask that you fill out our rescue application and submit it to our group.
We will verify your references and contact you if more information is needed or to let you know your group has been approved.
Once placed on our rescue list, you will receive emails about our canines in need of rescue help and/ or ones looking for good homes.

We do not believe in, “OUT OF SIGHT…OUT OF MIND” policies, and request that any approved rescues that have pulled one of our animals, are diligent with keeping us updated as to it’s progress and ultimate placement in a forever home.

We would expect no less from any rescue we work with, then we, at Sad Eyes will do for any animals in our care.
We will not work with any rescue group that adopts animals out without being spayed or neutered.

The animal’s best interests always come first!

Let’s build this network together and save even more animals.