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Have a heartMeet AnnaAnnna_beautiful girl

I am…..Anna

I would like to tell you my story, but it is very long and very sad.

So…I will start from the day I was “rescued”, and my life finally began. It was a cold day in January….four years ago. A nice lady saw me and whispered to me, “You will never hurt again.“

She took me home with her and gave me more food and water then I have ever seen in my whole life!
I went to the doctor’s and had some kinda’ operation, and then my belly never hurt again. The nice lady gave me a bath and cut my hair.
I did not like it…no..no! But, I did feel better after it was all over.

I was so afraid for a long, long, time, so I hid in the closet all day, and would only sneak out at night to eat.
I peed on my pretty pink bed all the time, so the lady would wash it and give me yet another bath. Ugh!The lady’s voice was very nice. She would tell me how sweet and pretty I am, but I couldn’t believe anyone would be so kind to me,
so I hid some more.

So…. It has taken me years to finally trust a just little bit.

I still run and hide at the slightest loud noise, and will run and hide under the bed if you try to pick me up.I love to go for walks, but will drop to the ground if I happen to step on a leaf that makes a rustling sound.Each day I am trying more and more things, but I still need patience and love to be all I can be.
I hope to help others that have been treated unfair, because they need more people like Mommy to spare them more tears…..

I would love to talk to you and tell you more things….Like how I ran in the yard with Teddy today and abandoned some fears.
If only for a minute, it felt oh so good, maybe tomorrow we can do it again!

Email me at anna@sadeyesnj.org, so we can be friends!

POSTED 8/6/12