We are a 501 (c) 3  non profit charity. All donations are tax deductible. 

Welcome to Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society

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Adoption Policies

We pride ourselves with finding the best possible home for all canines in our care.
A home that will meet his or her needs, and making sure the adoptive family is financially secure and able to make the necessary commitments of time, responsibility, and love that will be required.

We cannot guarantee the health or personality of the canine. We can relate to you our observations of their likes, dis-likes, and overall personality while they have been in our care. More often then not, they have become homeless due to abandonment, owner surrender, or have lost their way home. They miss their families and the comfort they once knew. They come to us confused, afraid, and unsure. We work very hard to show them love and security, but it takes time for a canine to “settle” into a new home and feel secure enough to show their true self.

Please be certain you and your family are ready and prepared to welcome a new family member into your home. Ready to make a lifetime commitment. We want the new home to be their last.

All our canines will be updated on appropriate shots, tested for heartworm, and spayed or neutered before the can go to a new home.

It is our policy that all adopters schedule an appointment as soon as possible with their vet to do a thorough exam of their new pet.

Adoption Procedures
Please fill out our adoption application and submit for review.

We will contact you for a home visit once your application is approved. We ask that all family members and current pets be present for the home visit. We will normally bring our adoptable canine with us for the home visit if possible, or schedule a meet at the foster home.

A home visit is required for all adoptions.

We will contact you if approved to adopt and schedule a day to meet to pick up your new family member and sign the contract.
Please bring with you a harness, leash, and collar, with an Id tag with the pet’s name and your address attached to the collar.

Our adoption fees help offset the associated costs for medical treatment and are considered a donation to our rescue and are non refundable.

We accept cash or certified funds only.

You must be 21 years of age to adopt.